Website Privacy Policy


You know those things in business you didn't think you needed but it's actually a matter of being legally compliant? Eek, this is one of those things. Everyone’s required by law to have it, but not everyone does.

Your Privacy Policy gives your customers a few things:

  • Tells your site visitors exactly what you do with the personal information you collect from them
  • What you'll do with their name and email address, are you going to sell it to someone else?
  • What providers will you share my information with in the normal course of business (i.e., processing payments and delivering services)?
  • What precautions do you take to make sure the personal information I’ve shared with you doesn’t get into the wrong hands?

A Privacy Policy is required by law for all U.S. websites that operate nationwide and collect any type of personal information from visitors, customers, or users

This Privacy Policy template is compliant with GDPR, Canadian, and UK laws.

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