Website Terms & Conditions with Disclosure Policy


Having a website is a great way to advertise your products, services, and content. Just like with any good relationship - it is important to set expectations at the beginning.

Terms and Conditions are like the rulebook for how your website visitors can or can’t interact with or use the content on your website.

Here's what these Terms and Conditions are really addressing:


  • Can I use this awesome photo you took on my pdf freebie?
  • How can I tell if you’re being paid to promote a product on your site? 
  • Can you use, edit, or delete my comment on your blog post?

    Terms + Conditions aren’t required by law, but we 
    highly recommend you make them a part of your website. 

    These terms are:

    • For U.S. Based Businesses
    • GDPR Compliant

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