Creative Client Services Contract


The Creative Services Client Contract is a must-have for any professional who creates content for their clients (like designers, software developers, or writers).

Think of it as the prenup for your client-provider relationship. Working with a client should feel seamless and this takes care of a lot of the upfront questions so if anything does happen, you're covered. 

Here are some questions this agreement will answer:

  • Who owns the work product that’s created?
  • If I’m not satisfied with the work you do for me, can I get a refund?
  • Will the final product be delayed if I don’t make my final payment on time?

    A Client Contract is one of the simplest ways to put big legal protections in place if you’re creating any type of content for clients. It’s also a very effective way to signal to your clients that they’re dealing with a true professional. 

    FYI: This template was recently updated to include terms for day rates, retainer arrangements, and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion).


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